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Seeking internet mortgage leads? Mortgage originators, loan officers and mortgage brokers have come to realize the great value they receive every time they buy mortgage leads from interactivemarketsolutions.com.  We are a premier provider of high-quality internet mortgage leads, you will come to depend on them to help build your business and improve your bottom line each and every month.

Simply put, we generate our mortgage loan leads through the Internet.  We use a variety of Internet marketing strategies and several sites including RateSourcer.com, to appeal to consumers who want to find a great solution to their mortgage needs.  They request information, and then we make sure that you get their important query ASAP.  When you become one of our valued clients, you will also have the option to log in to our website to access your internet mortgage leads account, through which you can choose to download your online mortgage leads into an Excel file for your ease of use.

Our clients rave about the reliability of our outstanding internet mortgage leads.  This is because each of our mortgage leads is guaranteed to be exclusive to you.  You are the only person who will get that lead.  We never offer payments or other gimmicky enticements for lead information.  This means that our online mortgage leads are very likely to be interested in the information you send them, it is information they want.  Finally, we offer you our pledge that each of the mortgage refinance leads that we send to you has valid contact information.

When you purchase internet mortgage leads from us, we continually strive to make sure that you are happy with each order that you place with interactivemarketsolutions.com.  No matter how well online mortgage leads are screened, sometimes there are a few that will prove to be invalid.  To make up for these inevitably lakcing leads, we offer to all of our clients a ten percent bonus of free mortgage leads for every order you place with us.  These internet mortgage leads are provided at no cost to you, in order to bring you the lowest prices and the best value for online mortgage leads.  Our happy clients keep returning to interactivemarketsolutions.com because of the high quality of our internet mortgage leads.  In fact, the closing rate on our valuable internet mortgage leads averages a whopping ten to thirteen percent.

Why wait to make money?  Take a look at interactivemarketsolutions.com today and see how our internet mortgage leads can help improve your sales figures.

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