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 Finding a reliable and easy way to generate solid debt leads is paramount as you grow your debt consolidation business, especially when you consider the number of new debt consolidation companies opening their doors every day. Although there are more people in the U.S. today with high amounts of unsecured credit card debt than ever before, it can be very challenging and time consuming to develop qualified debt leads lists on your own. Wouldn�t it be nice if you could hire a company that specializes in providing you with qualified debt leads that are created automatically by the very people actively looking for debt consolidation services? That is exactly what Interactive Market Solutions, Inc. offers you. Our highly qualified leads offer an un-surpassed value, averaging 10% to 13% closing ratios on the debt leads we provide.

How We Provide You With Highly Qualified Debt Settlement Leads

Many people who have a considerable amount of unsecured debt are not comfortable asking friends, family members or even their financial advisors how they should handle it. As we have discovered, many of these people are much more willing to do research online or respond to our finely tuned marketing regarding debt consolidation services. To generate as many of these potential debt leads as possible, we use a wide variety of internet-based marketing strategies to locate these consumers many of whom come directly to our website at: www.InstantDebtReduction.com. On the site, interested consumers complete a Contact Request Form and then we deliver all information from those debt leads directly to you based on the criteria you set. We will even provide you with a login ID and password to access your debt settlement leads online, allowing you to easily download them into an Excel Spreadsheet.

We guarantee that each of our debt elimination leads is 100% exclusive because we only sell each debt lead once. We can also guarantee that all debt settlement leads we provide have a minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debt and that all debt consolidation leads will contain valid contact information. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we have a generous return policy and will provide you with an additional 10% in bonus debt leads with every order you make. These bonus leads allow us to streamline our entire debt leads process and make sure we always offer you the absolute lowest price available for our debt settlement leads service.

Order Qualified Debt Consolidation Leads Now

To begin ordering qualified debt consolidation leads from us today, all you need to do is fill out our order form at the above URL. You can also request more information about our debt elimination leads service by calling our debt leads specialists at 1-800-652-4996 or by filling out theSend Me More Info� box on the same page. We look forward to fulfilling all your debt leads needs now and into the future.

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